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Three Countries X-C League
(Race 4 - Dunstable 5th February)

-Provisional Results-

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The Harriers finished in 3rd position in the 4th race in the three-counties X-C league at Dunstable. The ladies team once again won their race while the men finished in 4th position. The scoring  mens team were Mark Pryor (16th), Dave Dormer (26th), Morgan Walters (28th), Matt Burgin (34th), Alastair Fadden (38th), Neil Lovesey (50) and Alastair Vile (52nd). The scoring ladies team were Donna McEwen (2nd), Anna Litchfield (4th) and Veronica Singleton (10th).

The men's team scored a total of 244 points and the ladies team scored 16 points. The Harriers overall scored 260 points.

The Harriers also had two guest runners in the race. Steve Early finished in 11th position and James Elsworthy finished in 13th place.

Men Finish Position Ladies Finish Position
Mark Pryor 16 Donna McEwen 2
Dave Dormer 26 Anna Litchfield 4
Morgan Walters 28 Carla Fisher 9
Matt Burgin 34 Veronica Singleton 10
Alastair Fadden 38 Jenny Lovesey 26
Neil Lovesey 50 Lesley Barnes 34
Alastair Vile 52 Jackie Keenan 57
Rob Miller 53 Angie Kay 66
Tony Barnes 63 Martine Moon 67
Steve Gaunt 78 Barbara North 82
Cliff Smith 92    
Kevin McPhillips 104    
Owen Lewis 110    
Tony Parello 112    
Paul Harris 114    
Paul Taylor 121    
Jim Dunn 133    
Brian McCallen 138    
Mark Billington 146    
David Herincx 152    
Bill Billington 159    
Peter Campbell 166    
Steve Crane 185    
John Keenan 190    
Malcolm McEwen 191    
Harriers Guest Runners    
Steve Early 11    
James Elsworthy 13